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Wire Mesh Basket Cable Tray

Our company is the foremost for providing Wire Mesh Cable Tray to the clients. This product is appreciated for being corrosion resistant hence can be used ...

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Product Details

Support and direct cables along ceilings, walls or under floors. Basket trays, ladder and solid wall trays, suspension systems and more。

When your situation requires more than just a run of the mill cable management solution we know thathaving your cables blend into the decor of the room isn't a top priority. You've got a small army of networking cables and like any good army they need to move together in an organized and coordinated manner. This is where cable basket trays are useful. Their open face, grid pattern design allows optimal air flow to keep hard working networking and industrial cables cool, reducing the possibility of performance issues. Wire basket cable trays come in a number of options giving you the freedom to choose color, ease of application and level of corrosion resistance. Options such as the Pro 10 line offer simple installation and customizability in terms of size as well as a convenient 2 by 2 grid pattern for minimized cable sag making them ideal for fiber optic cable networks. The wire mesh cable tray offers electro zinc coated steel wire for increased corrosion protection to keep your wires suspended, or tucked beneath a raised floor if that's your thing, without losing integrity. Lastly, Qiaobang's Economical cable trays are ideal when cost is the main priority, but you're not willing to compromise on quality. Be Sure to Check Out our Accessories for all of our cable tray systems to make sure your haven't missed something you may need.

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  • Made from zinc plated steel wire.

  • 7 or 10 foot length straight tray sections can be cut to length or formed by cutting side wires to change routing elevation at the installation site.

  • 2 x 4 inch grid provides easy cable routing in or out of tray sections.

  • Available metal tray divider for cable separation.

  • Rigid steel construction Made in the China


  • Height:50mm/100mm/150mm

  • Width:50-1000mm

  • Length:3000mm or customize

  • Wire diameter:3.5~6.0 mm

  • Material:Carbon steel (Q195~Q235), SS304, SS316/SS316L 

  • Surface finish:EZ (Electro zinc plating)

  •                            HDG (Hot dip galvanizing)

  •                            PC (Powder coated)

  •                            GI (Pre-galvanized wire)

  •                            GIS (Pre-galvanized wire+ zinc spray)

  •                            SS304 (Acid washing)

  •                            SS316 (Acid washing)

  •                            SS316L (Acid washing)

Description :

Qiaobang  cable management system is manufactured with rigid .187 diameter zinc plated steel wire. Qiaobang  cable trays can be configured at the installation site and offer a wide variety of wire channel routing and protection options. Tray sections can be easily interconnected, using industry common splice washer clamps.QIAOBANG trays can be mounted on walls or posts, on ceilings or installed under raised flooring with Cable-Mgr. hardware..

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