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Wire Basket Cable Tray System

Wire Basket Cable Tray System

Installation and use of wall-through (wall sleeve)

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Wall-through parts (wall sleeve) of wire basket cable tray :

For arrange of wire through the wall 

For basket cable tray of 3.5-7.0mm in Diameter 

Include :Single set*1

Features:1、easy use 

               2、Low cost 

              3、 Good universality



Fire proof installation method of wall through wall

1、  The plugging site will be cleaned up before construction

2、  Brush Fireproof coating on wire mesh tray 

3、  The fire pillow should be arranged in order in order, and the gap between the fireproof pillow and            the  cable is not more than 1 square centimeters.

4、 Fire pillow placed thickness not less than 24cm 

Wall-through parts

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