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Fiber Optic Wire Basket Cable Tray

Fiber Optic Wire Basket Cable Tray

wire basket cable tray price is much more cheaper than traditional cable tray

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Product Details

Main Parameter of  v Steel Basket Cable Tray

MaterialSurface FinishingThickness of coatingApplication of environment
Q235 steelElectro Zinc Plating≥12µmIndoor
Q235 steelHot dip Galvanized>60µmIndoor,Outdoor
Q235 steelPowder Coating>60µmIndoor
SS304Acid washingN/AIndoor,Outdoor
SS316Acid washing

N/AIndoor,Outdoor,High Corrosion occasions
SS316LAcid washingN/AIndoor,Outdoor,High Corrosion occasions

Dimension Range of Steel Basket Cable Tray

Diameter of steel wire4mm,5mm,6mm

Features of Cable Mesh Tray

1. Simple Usage & Good stability

2. Flexible & Easy Installation

3. WIth no tees, crosses, elbows

4. Good corrosion resistance

Material & Finish of Basket Cable Tray

Material: Stainless Steel SS304

Stainless Steel SS304

Finish : Electrolytic polishing for stainless steel

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