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Wire Basket Cable Tray Installation

We have wire basket cable tray solutions for under desks, raised flooring ... basket tray installation is very quick and easy to operate

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Product Details

Wire basket cable tray is differenct from traditional tank and ladder cable trays .For the traditional ones ,they need to produce extra T-Cross and conner ,but for wire basket ,it only need some easy accessories .In this way ,not only save your cost ,but your time .

wire cable tray .jpgT-TYPE.jpg

     T-cross for wire mesh cable tray                                                              T-cross of traditional cable tray 

mesh cable tray .jpgcable tray corner.jpg

                straight corner  for wire basket                                                          straight corner  for traditional 

Specification :

Depth35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm &150mm. Available for customized.
Width50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm.
Length1 to 3000mm
Diameters of wires4.0~ 6.0mm

Feature :

  • Electro Zinc resistant finish protects the cable trays from weather and chemical corrosion

  • Suspends cables, out of the way, in an expandable and versatile fashion. Perfect for network, fiber optic, mineral insulated and metal clad cabling

  • Can be sized to fit your needs with cable tray cutters 

  • UL Certified,CE ,ROHS

What kinds of cable tray systems are there?

Wire basket trays are the most common for cable routing and cable management solutions. They provide sturdy support of cables while keeping an accessible structure, and are versatile in where they can be located. Whether you need them hung from the ceiling, stashed below flooring or mounted on a wall, wire basket cable troughs are readily available for support. Their grid-like pattern also allows for optimal airflow and thus prevents overheating and wire malfunction.

Ladder cable trays are another type of cable support trays that are ideal for wires and cables installed vertically. Their unique design is best for fiber cabling or when looking for a system that saves space. Their structures are also designed to carry especially heavy weights, making ladder cable trays popular in industrial construction.

Snake cable trays are by far the most versatile in structure and location. These flexible cable trays are manufactured to be bendable in nature, making them ideal for customization. They are preferred in environments with many obstacles and/or lack of space, as they are easily pliable and do not require clipping and re-connecting.

wire mesh cable tray.jpg


ladder cable tray.jpg

Ladder cable tray 

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