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Stainless Steel Basket Cable Tray

Stainless Steel basket cable tray Tray H=50MM

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Product Details

Specification :

H=50 Series

Material : SS304/SS316/SS316L

Length : 3 meters long

Width : from 50mm-600mm (50mm each span)

Diameter:  4mm for 50-300mm/5mm for 400-600mm

Surface treatment:

Acid washing : remove the black welding points through wash in kind of chemical solution

Electropolishing:surface is very shinning and beautiful .

Design: Both straight-edged and wave-edged wire basket cable tray can be made by us

Difference of this two types:

For straight wire basket ,the two side wires are straight and beside transveral wires .But for wave ,two sides wires are on the top of tranversal wire and they are wave .Wave tray's process is much more than straight ones. So price is higher .

wave wire mesh tray straight wire mesh tray


Increasing in popularity over recent years, and commonly used in Food and Soft Drinks industries, Stainless Steel Wire Basket Cable Tray is a lightweight and more cost-effective solution to your cable management needs.


How to order:

You can call us through our sales call +86-0519-88370210 or email to .Your email need to cover following informations :

1:  Size: L*W*H*Diameter mm

2: Surface treatment

3:Package requirements

4:You need the formed tray (bend in our place ) or flat pannels (bent in your place )?

5: Do you need straight ones or wave ones ?

6: Fob shanghai price ?

7:The annual quantity?

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