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What Are The Good Manufacturers Of Cable Basket Tray In China?

What are the good manufacturers of  cable basket tray in China?

Open cable trays are relatively closed trough tray, that is, the cable can be seen at a glance of the tray, such as mesh cable tray  and ladder. Welcome to CHANGZHOU QIAOBANG STORAGE CO.,LTD!

What are the advantages of the GRID TRAY of Changzhou qiaobang storage ?Over the traditional closed CABLE TRAY ?

First, the open type of  QIAOBANG makes all cables visible. It requires higher quality of wiring engineering. In case of failure, it can quickly identify the problem cables and take corresponding measures. And because of the natural ventilation and heat dissipation of the cable, the heat will not accumulate, so the cable with smaller cross-section can be used, thus reducing the cost of cable procurement.

2.QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY can be connected from any point, which is very convenient to all kinds of machinery and equipment, and can also change the outlet point at will; moreover, it is easy to install, and can be installed on the top, bottom and periphery of the production equipment, and can easily walk among various instruments, and install along the production line and assembly line. And because it's completely open, rats can't nest.

3. The bridge frame is durable and safe.QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY is welded by high-quality wire, which has passed the most test in the world. It provides users with the lightest weight with the strongest bearing capacity. The bearing capacity of QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY (without any support in the middle of 3 meters) is at least 172 kg. In addition to surface treatment such as galvanizing, hot-dipping and spraying, QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY and accessories also provide 304 stainless steel series with high quality decontamination. After salt spray test, the service life of the surface is three to four times longer than that of untreated stainless steel, which can ensure long-term durability even in harsh environment.

4. Strong fire-proof performance - it can also be maintained for 90 minutes at 1000 degrees Celsius to protect the safety of the bridge.

5. Installation is flexible and convenient, and maintenance is convenient--QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY products can freely make all kinds of elbows, tees, four-ways, etc. on-site, greatly shorten the installation time. Fast installation system of grid bridge, such as fast connection sheet and fast belt connection buckle, two straight sections of bridge can be quickly connected without a screw nut. It saves at least 1/3 of the installation time compared with the traditional bridge, so that the project can be completed in time.

In a word, QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY provides great convenience for designers, installers and end users of industrial projects. I believe that with the deepening understanding of this new product in the domestic market, the application of this bridge will inevitably be popularized. Changzhou QIAOBANG  specializes in the production of bridge, grid bridge, metal grid bridge, grid bridge, U-shaped steel wire frame, aluminum alloy wire frame. Welcome to QIAOBANG WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY