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Type Of Cable Tray

Type of cable tray:

Cable tray is a brace for supporting and placing cables. It was used in a lot of engineering projects, as long as it needs to  lay the cables,there is a chance to use cable trays. It is a matching project for the wiring project. The cable tray is used for laying a carrier of all kinds of cable laying, general wiring and its routing arrangement design, should be distinguished, not only should conform to the standard requirements, but also consider the routing security, scalability, economy and appearance, convenient maintenance.

Cable trays are generally divided into the following categories:

Pallet type cable tray:  this kind of cable tray is a ideal cable laying device widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, telecommunications and television, it has the advantages of light weight, heavy load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, which is not only suitable for the power cable installation, also applies to control cables.

Trough type cable tray: trough cable tray is a completely closed . It is a control cable for laying computers, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other high sensitive systems. It has good effect on shielding interference of control cable and the protection of cable in heavy corrosion environment.

Large span cable tray: large span tray, divided into three types: ladder type, trough type and tray type. A type and B type are two categories with support spacing of 6mm, and special orders can be accepted when the span is greater than 6mm.

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