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The History Of Cable Tray Technology

    The history of cable tray technology began in 70s and 80s in China . Many advanced technologies related to cable trays were introduced from abroad. With the development of domestic chemical industry, light industry, electrician, metallurgy and other industries, these industry sectors have been gradually promoted. The technology of cable tray has been widely used, changing the phenomenon of single steel welding and assembling cable support in China in the past, creating a precondition for the development and application of all kinds of plastic cables.

    With the development of modern science and technology in our country, the technology of cable tray shop is also undergoing continuous renovation. Enterprises also strengthen the management of cable tray quality, so as to further improve its production process, and bring favorable conditions for the development of the industry. The application of cable tray technology to the number of cables in a large number of dense cable circuits has increased significantly, protecting the cable line, and effectively suppressing the disadvantages of interference intensity and fire prevention. It also brings convenience and benefits to cable construction and cable installation.

The cable bridge industry is the basic industry of our country

    In the past 20 years, the annual growth of cable bridge industry in China has increased by more than 30%. At present, the total output value of industry industry is over 30 billion yuan, surpassing the United States and becoming the largest producer of cable bridge in the world. There are many different views on the development of cable bridge in the past, and now talk about it from the economic point of view.

    The data from the center for social and economic research shows that the capacity of the cable bridge market is huge, of which 90% of the industrial enterprises have a clear demand for the cable bridge. The cable bridge market reached hundreds of billions of yuan in 2010, and it will grow at about 20% every year after 2011. In 2010, the state issued the latest standard of cable tray. The standard defines the definition, type code, requirement, test method, inspection rule, marking, transportation and storage of electric power distribution cable bridge. This standard is applicable to the cable bridge of industrial and civil buildings, indoor and outdoor, high or low pressure transmission and distribution engineering. The introduction of this standard more standardized the cable tray industry. Good standards are also a new embodiment of standardized products.