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Talking About Calculation Of Cable Tray Works

In the construction of the project, cable tray is mainly used for the installation of power and electric system cables and cable laying channels. There are several types of structures such as trough type, ladder type and combination type according to the structure. In the computer room construction  are mainly used in the cable tray with steel trunking, mesh cable tray, modular ladder and so on. In the engineering cost of the cable tray and its accessories calculation, each cost personnel to understand different, but also have their own algorithms, which often result in more count, especially the combination of cable tray, accessories, higher prices, more missed count The price of the project will have a great impact.

First, the steel trough and its accessories

"Bill of quantities valuation rules" provisions of the length of the power cable tray in accordance with the length of the center line of the bridge, to distinguish between specifications, model calculations in meters. Elbow, all kinds of links, Stone, bend, bend are not separately calculated length. However, when we calculate the bridge unit price, we apply the bridge installation quota. The bridge installation includes the through bridge and elbows. Calculate the engineering quantity according to the extension meters without deduction of the length of elbow, tee, four links. Bridge main material fee "through the bridge, elbow, three links, Stone" were calculated according to the actual amount (including the provisions of loss) price of materials, included in the integrated unit price.

Bridge brackets, hangers and other general use of angle steel in the field of processing, when calculating the amount of construction according to the construction drawings shown in the bridge installation and installation of large samples, the number of 1 meter, 1.5 meters spacing calculation, valuation should be applied General iron component subtotal calculation. Quota in kilograms, is the weight of the stent, you can use the length of the angle conversion, view the conversion table, the conversion of rice into kilograms.

cable trunks

Second, wire mesh cable tray and aluminum cable tray portfolio

basket cable tray, aluminum alloy cable tray, engineering calculation is also based on the bridge center line in meters. To distinguish between the column items when the bridge model specifications, installation height, installation methods are listed in the column to calculate the amount of engineering, pricing, apply the appropriate installation quota. Bridge main material fee in the bridge body and all accessories were calculated according to the actual amount of material prices. In the cost of the work due to the bridge with more components and more expensive, which requires that we calculate the various components as accurately as possible. In practical applications, the design drawings can be sent to the bridge manufacturers, assisted by the factory engineers to calculate, and gradually mastered the calculation method can be easily calculated. Here to emphasize that the combination of bridge, lifting or supporting the support used in accordance with the installation of a variety of different options, but also according to the bridge laying cable model specifications, thickness, the number of layers to choose the appropriate cable clip . In the selection of aluminum alloy cable clip when the amount is very large, can not be ignored in the calculation.