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Changzhou Qiaobang Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd

Straight Designed Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Today,our workshop manager and our clients did a test for straight-edged designed cable baskets and Curved designed wire grid tray,the result is very obvious. The staright basket cable  tray is still straight by load  five guy more than 90kg, however, the curved fiber storage tray was damaged 300mm fiber storage tray made in China with advantage of inventive time saving,cost saving,simple installation ,makes securing tray effortless with no hardware needed,screwless, clampless connections,loading capacity is 27% stronger than traditional cable trays and cable ladder,is the best choice for the cable management solution.

Compared with top curved wire raceway, top straight fiber storage tray has below advantages:

1. Better welding strength.

2. Greater loading capacity.

straight-edged cable tray .pngwav-edged.jpg

Qiaobang, the leading manufacturer for top staright designed cable wireway. Remember us, “we are straight”.