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Really ,we Will Use The Wire Mesh Cable Tray Later

Many customers should be familiar with wire slot. Why should we recommend the use of basket cable tray? Nowadays, in order to reduce the electromagnetic interference from strong current to weak current, the main data centers usually lay the cabling structure under the floor of strong current and the way of wiring on weak current. The wire mesh cable tray  has its own unique advantages in these two applications.

mesh cable tray

With the acceleration of social development, the performance of computer equipment is becoming more and more powerful, and its power consumption and heat output are also increasing. In order to meet the needs of computer equipment heat dissipation, data center needs to provide a good operating environment of constant temperature and humidity. At present, the mainstream data center heat dissipation and air supply system uses special air in the machine room. Adjust the floor, under the wind and up the return air system. The unique grid-type hollow structure of grid bridge does not occupy the space under the floor, does not hinder the transmission of cold air under the floor, and can ensure the high refrigeration efficiency of expensive air-conditioning equipment. The open structure of network bridge is conducive to air flow and cable heat dissipation, thus reducing power loss, providing power supply efficiency, and facilitating cable maintenance in the future.