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Qiaobang Wire Mesh Cable Tray Offer You Help In Difficulty

At the beginning of November, we received a call from an old customer who said that there was a project in Shaanxi Province that required 3000 meters of galvanized wire mesh cable tray , but the delivery time was very urgent, requiring us to complete it in 7 days. To be honest, this time is a challenge for any manufacturer. Hot-dip galvanizing is different from cold-dip galvanizing, because hot-dip galvanizing belongs to external processing, after galvanizing comes back, the surface burrs need to be removed artificially, so that the bridge will be beautiful. From the preparation to the final product takes time, this really gives us a difficult problem, promise it in case of delays in the delivery of guests, resulting in a daily penalty of 10,000 losses. If we don't follow up, we feel that we can't repay our customers'trust in us. Eventually, under the joint discussion of General Chen and the workshop director, we took on this arduous task. We must do what we promise our guests. With such a mentality, our whole factory will go all out. After seven days'efforts, we have finally finished the production of 3000-meter grid bridge. The customers are very grateful for our help and promise us that when we meet the list of bridge, we will recommend the grid as much as possible and make sure that we can. Use our Chopin brand.

We are very grateful for the trust of our customers, and as long as it is a customer's problem, we will cooperate fully to solve it!