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Qiaobang's wire mesh cable tray In Shanghai Power Exhibition

In the midst of this year ,  Qiaobang hold a great wire mesh cable tray exhibiton in Shanghai .For this exhibtion ,this is our first time to attend .we are very pround to see many of clients from different company to ask and exchange news with us .

Wire mesh cable tray is no longer a new product since it was invented by Cablofil. A lot of our clients told us  that they got more people inquiring about wire mesh cable trays in recent years. This is a signal showed basket cable trays have won more users in the cable management field.

Why is wire mesh cable traygetting more popular, especially in data center, ISP server room, plant, airport, building, etc.? Apparently, contractors have their reasons.

1、It save a lot of material

2、Larger Supporting Span

3、Fast Installation with easy accessories 

4、Clean and No Rats

5、Good Fire Resistance

6、Easy to Maintain

From this exhibition ,We got a lot new clients request about this new kind of cable tray .We have a really great time there .

Our exhibition our wire mesh cable tray

clients in our booth

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