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Problems That Are Easy To Be Ignored In The Installation

The cable tray may not be seen very much in our daily life. Generally we know  Cablofil cable tray, steel wire mesh cable tray, grid  cable tray and so on. Here are some problems that are easily ignored in the installation.

1,Before the installation , we must coordinate with all the specialties so as to avoid conflicts with large caliber fire pipes, sprinkler pipes, hot and cold water pipes, drainpipes, air conditioners and air exhausting equipment.

2. For the special shape cable tray, the size of the field measurement is transferred to the material supplier and the supplier is made according to the size to reduce the field processing. The material, type, thickness and accessories of the bridge meet the design requirements.

3. The cable tray spanning the deformation joint of the building should be treated with the expansion joint according to the standard of the enterprise. When the straight section of the steel bridge is over 30m, the thermal expansion and shrinkage compensator should be set.

4, The cable tray will be lifted to a predetermined position and fixed to the bracket with bolts. The size of the bridge should be carefully checked at the turning point. The bridge shall be consistent with the slope of the building. The arc of the circular wall of the building should be consistent with the building. The bridge frame is connected by a connecting plate between the bridge and the bridge. The connecting bolt adopts the half round head bolt and the half round head is inside the bridge frame. The gap between the bridges must meet the design requirements to ensure that a system's bridge is connected together.

5, The installation of the cable tray is horizontal, vertical, neat, beautiful, uniform in distance and firm in connection. The horizontal deviation in the same horizontal plane is no more than 5mm/m, and the straightness deviation is not more than 5mm/m.

The combined cable tray is a new type of cable tray, and it is the second generation of the cable bridge series. It is suitable for the laying of various projects, various units and various cables. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, flexible configuration and novel form.

The cable tray across the expansion joint or settlement seam of the building should be used "telescopic connection". It's like the U type bridge, with two pieces of bridge. In order to ensure the continuity of the cable bridge, the bridge frame is disconnected and the copper braid line is connected when the settlement joint or the expansion joint is over.

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