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Price Is Not The Only Important Thing

One day, our sales Xiao Zhao developed a customer. The customer asked him how much the unit price of the XX type mesh cable tray´╝îquantity is 90 meters. Xiao Zhao was sent to him according to the price standard set by our company. At this time, customers are very unfriendly to say that you are not sincere. The price of their former partners is much cheaper than ours.

For this event, I would like to say that if the customer identiy our products just by  the price instead of  quality of the product, and  company's service. I don't think such a client is the customer we really want. Qiao Bang never plays price war with others. We care about quality and service, because we take these seriously .So if you choose Qiao bang, then please believe in the quality of Qiao Bang basket cable tray .

In conclusion ,we admit that price is important ,but qulity is the first thing we care about .After you see quality of our products , welcome to compare price with others .