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How To Surprise The Layout Of A Small Room To Achieve The Purpose Of Effective Use Of Space

From left to right, they are the host area, observation area, distribution equipment area, and a storage area is also designed at the bottom right corner.

The basic situation is: room height is 3500mm,  middle bearing beam along the 500mm, the minimum height of the vertical height of 3000mm, a traditional structure of the building.

The original plan set down the way of line to do the weak electricity laying, and the upper line bridge to make the strong electricity laying, that is to say that the strong electricity needs to bypass the observation area to control, but in the layout, the distribution facilities are too far away from the load isolation, which is not good at work. There are other places that are not very convenient.

layout of computer room.jpg

 1, Do not think about the freight route and escape route, so the layout of the freight route is not clear,as well as escape route. There are too many doors to open.

 2, IT load is not necessary to do under the air conditioning mode of air supply, the layout of the case is very easy to cause the outlet of underfloor air conditioning is poor, why did not choose the sunken blower, and under the static pressure box highly intelligent do 300mm, also with the wire slot to block the wind, air distribution it is difficult to uniform.

 3, No freight ramp is designed, and the maintenance and maintenance of large mechatronic equipment after completion is easy to be damaged.

 4, The observation area is too large and the position is not suitable, the machine room is not on duty in the machine room, ordinary nobody, no need to use such a large space to observe the area.

 5,There is no partition in the civil construction, but there is a gap.

Through  years of construction experience, we have put forward another layout on the basis of the existing space:

layout of computer room.jpg

1,Observe the preparation area to place some shoes and slippers and other products, prevent the personnel entering the room directly after wearing the shoes into dust, and set the static eliminator, into the room of the staff need to touch electrostatic eliminator can enter the room, to prevent the destruction of electronic equipment.

2, Set up the visiting freight passage, and design the freight and visiting corridors on the right hand side after entering the computer room. When moving the mechanical and electrical equipment, the personnel can be pushed up through the ramp of the preparation area to the designated location, and all the rollers can be equipped with the equipment.

3,Freight access into the computer room area door with glass double door, height *width is 2400mm*1400mm, ensure enough and wide enough, personnel escape and equipment transportation will not have the size problem.

4, The main engine room area and the electric power equipment do not make the partition, convenient and unified maintenance.

5, Add the cabinet type new fan and air ventilation blower, and fire system linkage work.

6, The wiring uses the strong wire grooves under the floor, the cabinet top use beautiful and convinent wire mesh cable tray , because the network changes more, and the electric power changes very few.

7, A good view of the work, a row of steel glass window can bring a good visit experience. 

8, the air conditioning air conditioning, air conditioning can add hood, easily blowing need cooling equipment.