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How To Maintenance The Mesh Cable Tray

How to maintenance the mesh cable tray:

1.Daily maintenance:  using a piece of clean & soft cloth often wipe dust on the surface. Avoid using wet cloth, hard objects to wipe the surface of Shantou paint and mirror, glass. Avoid acid, alkaline chemicals and greasy objects.

2. Must avoid placing in high temperature and humid place,  keep the room ventilation and dry.

3. Regular maintenance: usually the key point is once a quarter. A soft cloth to wipe the surface dust, with special surface polishing wax evenly, slightly later with clean soft cloth to polish, moisture. The metal fittings and metal hand can be wiped and dry with less oil, so that it can be flexibly rotated and antioxidation.

4.  Clean soft cloth should be dry, use special maintenance wax.

5. Avoiding  touch corrosive liquids, such as alcohol, nail polish, and so on.