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How To Identify High Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray

How to identify high quality stainless steel wire mesh cable tray

Qiaobang boasts as one of the biggest stainless steel wire mesh cable tray manufacture and seller in  China ,every days is connecting with large number of clients in the world .The most question we heard about is your price is too  higher , can you make it cheaper ,xx company’s is cheaper than yours. Every time, We  need to explain to them why our price is  higher through showing them our material ,size ,process technology ,our service and certificates.  Be frank ,Our price is real ,  do not has any false ingredients at it .

 After a lot of marketing investigation,we found clients aren’t really know about the products they need cable tray .Many detail not only influence price ,but also quality . Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray with great reputation .Let’s help to unearth the secrete veil . 

Stainless steel material includes SS304 & SS316 . In order to make more profits ,some vendors use bad stainless steel such as SS201&SS22 to instead . During your purchasing ,when Stainless Steel Wire Cable Tray price lower than marketing price ,you should be careful . If you do wanna cheaper price ,we suggest you choosing removing black surface treatment ,rather than electorpolishing .Theoretically ,electorpolishing is better than removing black .But Literally speaking ,no much big difference in appearance .

Buying stainless steel Basket Cable Tray,Qiaobang is your best choice .