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Five Secrets Your Cable Tray Supplier Won't Tell You

As one of the largest wire mesh cable tray manufacturers in the country for years , a large number of customers are exposed to a large number of customers every day. The most often thing I am hearing is  "can the price be lower?" "Your price is too high", "XX company is XXX cheaper than yours." Every time I have to explain the material, size, process, after sale, certificate and so on, I will try to prove that I am a frank person from all aspects, and our price doesn't have any moisture.

Through a lot of customer practice and market survey, I found that the original customer did not really understand what they are facing.

A lot of product details still have a veil for customers. The real impact of price, quality has become the key secret industry suppliers tacit choice. Qiaobang mesh cable tray, the famous brand name. Let's uncover this mysterious veil!

First: Diameter 

The amount of raw materials is a very important factor in determining the price of the wire mesh cable tray.Many customers who do not understand this product are concerned only with the length, width and height of the product, and little attention is paid to the wire diameter of the product. And the same size of the grid bridge, 4 millimeter and 5 millimeter wire diameter may be a difference of 20%.

Of course, there are also many suppliers who are very honest with you that my wire diameter is 5 millimeters, but when the customer receives the big goods, it may be only 4.8 millimeters. However, the customer still has no door to complain, because 5% of the negative tolerance is reasonable in the national standard. After all, not every bridge factory is not the latitude and negative tolerance of the silk diameter!

Second: surface treatment 

The anticorrosion ability is one of the standards to measure the quality of the cable tray. The thickness of the surface galvanizing determines the anticorrosion ability of the bridge.

The surface zinc thickness of the zinc galvanized calbe tray is more than 12 microns, and the surface zinc thickness of the hot-dip galvanized cable tray is more than 60 microns.

By collecting samples from other manufacturers in the market, the author found that the thickness of the zinc layer on the surface of the galvanized bridge was only 6 to 7 microns on the surface. This is much lower than the zine layer thickness of the zonal bridge.

Third:True and false stainless steel

Stainless steel bridge frame is the highest price series in wire basket. Part of the bad supply business is SS201, SS202 and other inferior stainless steel, posing as SS304 and SS316.

The customer must pay attention to the material when purchasing the stainless steel bridge, and the price of the bridge is far below the cost of the market material. It will not be a high quality stainless steel basket cable tray 

Fourth: Load capacity

In practical application, the weight bearing is one of the important manifestations of the test of the quality of the grid bridge.

Affected by the design of an international brand, domestic grid bridge manufacturers have followed their designs. Customers are predominant, especially like this kind of design. But through practical tests, we find that the load bearing capacity of the top straight edge grid bridge is significantly better than that of the top curved edge grid bridge.