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Four Days Journey To Hainan

  Walking man -Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray:

22th to Nov25 ,all the workers from Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray went to Hainan.For most of us ,it is our first time to travel by aire.We felt a bit nervous,but excited .

Island Hainan is in the south part of our country.The weather there is pretty pleasant.
Hai Kou city is the capital of Hainan Province while it is also the biggest city on the island.There,you could either go visit the flower markets or enjoy the delicious seafood.There,you could find many beautiful beaches.People there love walking along the seaside or swimming in the sea.
On Island Hainan,you could enjoy bright sunshine,fresh air and beautiful scenery.You will never forget that.

First day we wen to the beach.The sky was clear,the sea was blue and the beach was very beautiful.What impressed us most was diving.We saw many colorful tropical fishes and coral.It was so exciting!On the second day,we visited the the ends of the earth,which we had dreamed of going to.There we took many photos.During our visit,we tasted many delicious local foods,especially sea food and fruites .

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We had a wonderful time there and we never see such a magical place before and  look forward to traveling it again!