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Five Creative Tips To Manage Your Data Center

Your data center is the heart that pumps the lifeblood of your business. Without it, everything stops. 

And when it has problems, so does your business. Myriad issues can plague a data center. And 

although most people don't realize it, improper cabling can be one of those issues. But with some

easy planning and work up front, you can maximize the efficiency and reliability of your data center 

cabling.Whereas ,wire mesh cable tray is your best choice .

1: Measure twice, cut once

It's an old adage, but an important one. Not only do you create a tangled mess if you don't carefully 

measure your cables, you also create a lot of expensive waste. You may think that two feet of wasted 

cable doesn't amount to much, but those wasted feet add up. In the end, you could save yourself a lot 

of time, headaches, and money by measuring twice and cutting once.

2: Label, label, label

If you don't label your cables, you're only making more work for yourself. Every cable should have a 

label on both ends, even short runs and patch cables. Why? Imagine you have to test a bunch of 

circuits — quickly. You scramble and unplug a few patch cables and, when it's time to reset them back 

to their default locations, you have no idea where each cable goes. Avoid this problem by taking a little 

time to slap a label on each end. Make sure your labeling system is consistent. Don't just go ad hoc 

with this or you'll confuse yourself and those who work for you.

3: Don't skimp on terminations

Don't buy cheap because they're cheap and don't rush through the process of terminating cables. 

If you have cables that lose their connection if you wiggle them, you need to redo them. If you can't 

terminate cables in your sleep, you need to practice. You may think you're saving time and money. 

But in the end, you're going to wind up with a monstrous headache as you troubleshoot all those 


4: Don't skip the test

After you create a cable, test it! And don't accept "Star Pass" tests (a test that barely passes). If a 

test doesn't pass 100%, redo that cable. If, after a few tries at termination, the cable still doesn't pass, 

trash it. And make sure you're using a quality tester for your cables (and that you know precisely how 

to use it). This simple step can prevent a lot of extra work in the end.

5: Keep patch cables short

You have servers in a rack that are within a foot of each other. Don't slap three-foot patch cables on 

those servers — it not only looks bad, it's incredibly inefficient. And if you have an odd length between 

servers, use your termination (an testing) skills to create patch cables that reach perfectly. With that 

extra length on your cables, you invite tangles, kinks, and confusion.