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Data Center Solution Technique

Data center solution technique

When it comes to data center wiring, everyone is unfamiliar with the interconnection between all the devices. In fact, not so simple, otherwise is not derived as a special routing technology, data center in wiring design, there must be a special design team, the construction of professional engineers to place the wire, all this is not simple . Data center contains a wide room: Organic wiring, wiring and support outside the room space, water, electricity, ventilation data center survival go wiring, data center, fire monitoring, lighting also cannot do without wiring, in data center cabling everywhere, the wiring all study clearly is not easy. The length is limited, so we will study the way of wiring in the computer room of the data center first.

There is still a lot of technical knowledge about the cabling in the machine room. According to the area, the main wiring area, the horizontal wiring area, the regional wiring area and the equipment distribution area can be included, and the wiring technology used in different wiring areas will also be different. If the wiring material used in different, whether to increase shielding, slot width, if is the interconnection between the network devices, is a multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable, then use 6 class, using different materials means cost difference, stability and future data center cabling system. Of course, the more expensive and the more money we spend, the better we should combine with the actual situation of the data center computer room, and comprehensively evaluate the cable that is most suitable for the computer room. Throw away these factors, only consider the way of wiring, there are many ways. Next, let's talk about the way of data center in a simple way.

The data center contains highly centralized network and equipment. Laying a large number of communication cables between the main wiring area, the horizontal wiring area and the equipment wiring area, it is particularly important to choose effective route mode reasonably. The specification for the engineering design of the integrated wiring system and the acceptance standard for the integrated wiring system are the important reference standards for the design of the line. The common way of walking in the data center is divided into two types: open and closed. In the early design line, the closed line channel, with the data center for convenient, easy to upgrade and improve the requirements for various reasons such as energy consumption, now used internationally open wiring channel has become more and more common. The function of the line bridge is three, the first is to support the cable, the second is to protect the cable, and the third is to manage the cable. In the data center and the computer room, the most commonly used bridge in the United States is to wear pipes, the European countries use perforated bridges, and the Asian countries prefer the closed bridge.

The open type cable tray generally used as a metal net form cable bridge, which is composed of two vertical and horizontal wires. The structure of the cable tray is a hollow structure with a network format. The open type tray has the advantages of light and stable structure, good heat dissipation, easy installation, convenient maintenance and upgrading of cables, etc., which improves the visibility of installation cables and makes identification easier. It can be installed under the floor or in the top of the cabinet / rack or in the ceiling. Open bridges include network format cable tray, ladder and perforated cable tray, and so on. The net form cable tray can make the cable maximum ventilation and heat dissipation, save energy consumption, optimize the cable performance, and prevent the accumulation of water, dust and debris. The bacteria are not easy to reproduce, clean, and reduce the risk of fire or other safety hazards. The net form cable tray is named according to Length*width, for example, 300*100, 200*100, etc. the net form bridge has high mechanical strength, convenient cutting and installation, and saves 1/3 installation time than the traditional bridge. The ladder rack is a kind of bridge. The ladder is installed in the specific position by using the section steel, and then the cable is vertically fixed on the top. The ladder rack has a certain gradient, while the bridge is mainly parallel to the ground. The ladder rack has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, unique shape, good ventilation and heat dissipation, etc., and is suitable for laying of large diameter cables, especially for laying high and low voltage power cables. The perforated bridge obviously adds some holes on the basis of the bridge. These holes can change the direction of the running line, and also facilitate the troubleshooting. Through these holes, it can also effectively ventilate and avoid the high temperature of the internal cables.

The closed tray and open type are relatively closed. The closed steel galvanized cable tray can be combined with JDG and KBG thin walled galvanized steel pipe by metal plate (steel plate or aluminum plate), which is a closed system consisting of protective shell, conductive row, insulation material and related accessories. Corresponding to open type, closed bridges also include: trough cable tray, pallet cable bridge, cascade cable bridge, large-span cable bridge, combined cable bridge, flame-retardant FRP cable bridge, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy cable tray and so on. The closed bridge is the most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, weak current system cables, thermonuclear cables and other high sensitive system control cables. It has good effect on the control cable's shielding interference and the protection of cables in heavy corrosive environment. The closed bridge can reduce the earth fault and avoid the inter phase short circuit phase closed bridge. Because of the shell protection, it can eliminate the earth fault caused by the external damp and dust and the external objects, and the closed bridge adopts phase separation and seal up, and eliminates the occurrence of inter phase short circuit. The closed bridge can eliminate the heating of the steel structure, reduce the inter phase short circuit electric power, and the double shielding effect of eddy current and circulating current on the bridge housing, so as to make the short circuit of the inter phase conductor short circuited.