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Daily Maintenance Work Of Wire Mesh Cable Tray Is Important.

Although the wire mesh cable tray is easy to maintain in use, but the daily maintenance work is still important in use, the specific maintenance work what, next, with our Jiangsu Wanyou Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. to look at the grid cable bridge daily maintenance work is also important. Many places have used the grid bridge, the grid bridge is the same as some other mechanical devices, the grid cable bridge daily maintenance work is equally important, need good maintenance, if not properly maintained, will affect the use of results, and will also reduce the service life of the grid bridge, so, I We should pay attention to proper maintenance in the process of using. 1, grid bridge should pay attention to daily maintenance, do not spill oil stains on the appearance of grid bridge. Also do not contact with acidic chemicals that are mostly alkaline. In vegetable applications, do not use wet cloth or hard wipe to avoid corrosion. Grid bridge should be placed in a cool and dry room, not in a low-temperature humid place, but also insist on indoor ventilation.

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2. The placement of grid bridge is also required by certain conditions. Clean soft cloth should be often used to clean the dust of grid bridge skin, and dry cloth should be used to wipe it. 3, the grid bridge should be maintained on schedule, and then clean with soft pickled cloth. Every interval of time in addition to wiping dust and dirt, but also to develop polishing treatment, with a special polishing wax smoothly coated on the outside of the grid bridge. The above is about the daily maintenance of grid cable bridge is equally important to the relevant instructions, I hope you will pay attention to it in the future of daily life, more relevant instructions please pay attention to us.