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Cutting Cable Tray Wire Mesh

Cutting Cable Tray Wire Mesh

When making these radiused horizontal fittings, the outside of the cable tray wire will not be cut. Only cut the bottom and the inside side of the tray. To remove a 2" row, cut the longitudinal wires between two transverse wires, on the bottom and inside of the bend. When removing more than tne 2" row, a transverse wire will be removed for each additional row being removed. Once the proper number of rows have been removed, the inside cable tray wires are pulled together and joined using a splice clip. The next step would be to work on the fitting.

For non-radiused horizontal bends, simply cut one side out of the adjoining cable tray wire and lay one cable tray on top of the other so they can be connected using the horizontal flex splice kit. The trays need to be removed from the corners of the perpendicular piece. Horizontal Tees and Crosses—When making tees or crosses, the perpendicular bottom may be up against the straight through member. In this case, one side block is removed from all intersecting corners, so that the tee connector can form a radiused corner.

If the perpendicular member is overlapped, one square on the bottom, then two sections need to be removed from the corners of the perpendicular piece. Vertical Bends—Vertical bends are made by cutting the upper side wires and bending the basket up or down.