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Concept Of A New Cable Tray

For the concept of a new cable tray, the ordinary people will feel strange to hear, the natural small editor is a common person, and the concept of cable tray is obviously small and few. Through continuous negotiations with Baidu master, I finally got some clues. 

First of all, what do we say the cable is? Cable is a cable that is twisted together. We most often know the number of twisted pair lines, used in the network communication, there are many other such as shielding cable, compensation cable, high temperature cable, power cable and so on, according to its different characteristics have different applications. When the number and type of cable are more and more, the planning and maintenance are very difficult. Then the application of the new cable bridge can be determined. It is used to classify the cable.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of new cable trays in the market,such as wire cable tray, and this is also for the purpose of adapting to different cables and different environments. Like a groove type cable tray, it is a kind of closed type or closed type bridge product. The surface is treated with galvanized and fire-resistant coatings. It can resist corrosion effectively and have high fire resistance. It is very suitable for the laying of computer cable, and can also effectively shield the dry disturbance. Others are trapezoidal bridge, long-span cable tray, pallet cable bridge and so on.

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