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The Magic Is In The Details

How practical a mesh cable tray systemis in real life depends not only on its basic properties. Its many intelligent details are what make installation a highly effective affair. 

Lots of snap-in components augment the basic Magic principle. All of the remaining stages of assembly are based on ease of handling. Components such as bends, side attachments, installation plates, quick connectors and clamping pieces complete this easy-fit system. The cover is fitted by simply attaching the type DKU cover clamp onto themesh cable tray’s cross-wire. 

In just a few moves, Qiaobang's wire mesh cable trays can be adapted to supports with constructions above and beneath them. Thanks to the mesh cable tray’s design you can change direction any way you like, depending on the situation in which you are fitting it. Standard changes of direction of 45° and 90° can be performed using ready-made components, or with a shaped part which you make yourself for self-installa.

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