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Choose The Bridge Steps!

(1) determine bridge width, number of layers, support type and spacing, as well as distribution of cables in each layer on the bridge.

(2) each layer of cables distributed load (kN/m2), preliminary bridge types and specifications.

(3) the total maximum cable load values to check the bridge strength. Check formula is as follows:

Q =Q1+Q2

In the formula: Q1-cable distributed load (each layer of the distributed load in maximum values) (kN/

M2), uniform load is tray, ladder rack or cable channel loading;

Q2--cable laying or maintenance, human weight equivalent uniformly distributed load (kN/

M2), Q2 value calculation, the weight of people in p=90kg terms.

Concentrated load and uniform load moment in Figure 2

Maximum bending moment equal conditions of conversion:

P 2/8 Q2=2p/ι/4=Q2 ι ι



In the formula: P--1 man's load (kg)

Ι-1 support point spacing (distance between pivot range maximum value when) (m)

Q2--1 people of equivalent uniformly distributed load (kg/m)