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China Data Center Exhibition 2018

The 8th"China Data Center Exhibition" meet you in  Pujiang DCIC2018,China Data Center Industry Development Conference and Exhibition sail hand in hand!

Let's take a look from 3 aspects :

Data investigation

The data shows that total size of the China data center market in 2016 is 71 billion 450 million RMB. It is expected that in 2019, the market size of China data center will be close to 190 billion RMB. The high speed development of the data center industry has also raised higher requirements for the ability of all parties in the industrial chain. Especially under the warming climate, energy and environmental costs rising background, to achieve efficient deployment, data center construction and equipment energy conservation and sustainable development, more and more data center operators, environmentalists concern, data center joint energy technology, equipment market demand continued to rise.In order to promote exchanges and cooperation in the development and market data center industry development, promotion of domestic and international data center of new products, new technology, new equipment and experience, construction of all elements of China's data center of the whole industry chain application products, technology, community, promote our country to accelerate the development of the data center, sponsored by Chinese data center industry the development of the union, the number of each district committee and the union distribution work committee Co, Shanghai Derui exhibition planning Co. Ltd. and lungau Exhibition (Shanghai) Co hosted the "2018 Shanghai International Data Center Conference and exhibition will be held May 2018 3-5 at the Shanghai New International Expo center.

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Target audience

1. target audience accurately cover the data center industry:It mainly comes from planning and design institutions, data centers, system integrators, engineering providers, telecom operators, Internet Co, government agencies, etc., to collect market demand and promote communication and communication between suppliers and users.

2. one station procurement platform:

The exhibition will focus on data center infrastructure, ICT equipment system and related applications, operation and maintenance. It will provide a comprehensive display and communication platform for the data center industry.

3. the synergistic effect of multi exhibition linkage:With the Chinese power industry the largest and most influential Chinese electric Exhibition (EPOWER) and Chinese powergenerating Exhibition (GPOWER) held at the same time, EPOWER has a history of 18 years, attracting a large number of architectural design and Planning Institute, construction units, power companies, power supply bureau, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, rail transportation and real estate developers and construction of smart city audience.

4. accurate coverage of target users:

Cloud base, industrial park, large data center investors and operators, communications operators, Internet Co, telecommunications, energy, finance, securities, broadcasting, electricity, electronics, medical, defense, education, customs, aerospace, integrators, contractors, agents etc..

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Product segmentation of the exhibition

1.ICT system equipment

1.1IT facility solutions Server, storage and disk array, optical transceiver, database, cabinet.

1.2 network communication system:Switches and routers, optical modules, firewalls and gateways, network architecture, data management and backup, network security systems.

2. infrastructure:

2.1 power supply and distribution systems USB uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply, HVDC, flywheel UPS, energy storage, storage battery, distribution cabinets and cables, PDU, generator set and load test, bus and ATS, power quality, intelligent distribution related products.

2.2 refrigeration and fresh air system:Water cooled chilled water set, air-cooled chilled water set, precision air conditioning, cooling tower, water storage, ice storage, plate heat exchanger, water pump, pipeline and valve, wet film humidifier, cold distribution air supply system, exhaust fan draining and fresh air system.

2.3 fire and security:Fire control system, video surveillance system, entrance guard system, intrusion detection system, alarm platform.

2.4 data center management:KVM switcher, DCIM, environment power monitoring system, RFID asset management system, 3D visualization.

2.5 integrated wiring:Copper wiring system, fiber optic cabling system, opening type basket cable tray , wire frame, fiber channel, logo, rack and cabinet.

2.6 the other:Lightning protection, testing instrument, large screen system, anti static floor, fire prevention and plugging, etc.

3.IDC operator:Telecom operators, joint venture IDC, private IDC, cloud data center.

4. related services:

Planning consultation and design, engineering construction, completion acceptance, rating certification, infrastructure maintenance, IT service and operation and maintenance.The application of the 5. industry:Cloud computing, large data, data center leasehold.

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