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Changzhou Qiaobang Wire Mesh Cable Tray Teams -Dabie Mountain In Anhui

In the morning of November, the air was warm and refreshing in autumn. A traveling bus carrying a full of cheers and laughs from Changzhou qiaobang wire mesh cable tray team workers to the  Dabie Mountain in Anhui. The long-awaited corporate tour has finally begun.

At this time, the colleagues sitting in the car, with a brilliant smile on their faces, are in a lighthearted mood. You get rid of your tooling and wear comfortable sports clothes, showing youthful vigor. Along the way, we ate snacks, chatted, listened to music and played games, which made the six-hour journey less tired. At this time, we have a happier family and feel that everyone is so kind.

After arriving at the boundary of Anhui, through the window. The continuous mountain on both sides of the road has been rubbed away from the side, the eyeful green, green and green. The dense vegetation covers the whole mountain without leaving a piece of soil, which makes you feel that nothing but air can invade it. The typical Huizhou architecture of white walls, black tiles and horse head walls also came into view. The small white building is inlaid on the green hill, and the reflection is in the clear lake water. The perfect fit is like a picture, which can never tire of seeing. The rainy weather and the drizzle made a thin mist over the broad lake.

After three days of traveling, the team members of Qiaobang basket cable tray  returned with full joy. We believe that next year our achievements will be more brilliant.