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Cable Tray Forms To Fit A Variety Of Applications

Today’s cable tray continues to target easy installation while responding to recent trends and technologies.

Cable tray has long been a popular choice for effectively supporting and routing cable in the commercial environment, and faster installation continues to be the most significant factor influencing the enhancement of cable tray products.  

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As part of its wire-basket cable tray solution, Qiaobang offers an intersect plate for its wire mesh cable tray, designed to protect cable and provide bend radius control during installation. 

“With cable tray, the trend is always toward labor savings,” says our technican manager , product segment manager for Qiaobang ( “It’s the bottom line and what dictates innovation.” For example, Qiaobang recently introduced a new Flip Clip for hanging wire basket, with only one nut versus the more labor-intensive two nuts and two washers.

Recent industry trends and evolving technologies are also playing their part in the cable tray industry. Whether it’s the larger diameters of Augmented Category 6 cable (Cat 6A), the shift toward underfloor cabling, data center aesthetics and management, or even residential needs, today’s variety of cable tray products includes something for every application.

Application is always the key to selecting the right cable tray,” says Cheatham. “The physical construction of a building tells you what type of span and support you need, while the environment tells you what type of finish you need. For instance, aluminum offers better corrosion resistance in outdoor applications.”