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A Brief Introduction Of Cable Tray Laying Construction

A brief introduction of cable tray laying construction :

A lot of us may know little about cable tray. Cable trays include wire mesh cable tray,basket cable tray, Cabofil cable tray and so on.

From the power supply system of low-voltage distribution cabinet by cable tray cable to each partition of total power distribution box, the level of cable tray laying support span is 1.5- 3M, vertical laying fixed spacing is less than 2m, setting a hanger in straight away from the bridge bending section and the straight line segment joint of the 300 - 600mm side when the bridge, bending radius is greater than 300mm, but also in the middle of a bent through additional support and hanger. The tray support and hanger position error should be strictly controlled, the same layer of support and hanger shall be rung at the same level, prevent the longitudinal deviation after the installation of the bridge in the embassy, hanging vacant and not with support and hanger in direct contact, the level deviation should be less than 5mm. At the end of the cable bridge, the terminal plate should be acted on. The bolts should be sturdy and the nut should be located on the outside of the bridge bridge. The product certificate of the cable bridge, the inspection report of the factory shall be complete, the thickness of the plate and the material of the anti corrosion layer should be in accordance with the current relevant standards of the state.

Cable tray system with electrical connection and reliable grounding, long bridge laying -40 * 4 galvanized flat steel grounding lines, each segment (including non straight segment) bridge shall have at least one point and the grounding line connection. When the cable bridge passes through the wall and floor of the wall and the electric shaft, it should be from the fireproof partition board, the fireproof material and so on.

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