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Life at Qiaobang

Life at Qiaobang

Family culture :

Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray company pays more attention to our culture .It connets staff from different place together .Every staff who works here stay more than 10 years ,both in office and workshop .Here we call our colleagues as “families”. Everyone helps each other without ask anything in return.This family culture group us together closely.


Fulfill your Dream

Qiaobang do not require you have high IQ .but if you are a person who can bear hardships and press,wanna to got great life .Qiaobang welcomes you to our company .Here Qiaobang offers competitive salary ,health & wellness benefits ,First-class resource and variety of training programs.A plenty of resource will be provide to enrich your professional skill and help you grow rapidly and inpire your maximum potential in Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray company  .


Company benefits:

Every year ,Qiaobang organizes more than 2 times trips .During these days ,we can close to the nature  and enjoy the beautiful nature landscape .In ordinary weekends , Qiaobang organized activities like Hiking ,walking and bike .....