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Wire mesh cable tray is the best choice for your wire solution

Basket cable tray proved to be the ideal choice for any type of cable laying, especially to the data center, R & D center, food and beverage industry, power plants, chemical pharmaceutical industry, high-tech office building, ship manufacturing, infrastructure and mobile communication system. Wire basket cable tray  has been accepted by more and more users all over the world. With its excellent flexibility and security, it has become an ideal product to replace the traditional closed type bridge.

In the offshore platform, the  Wire basket cable tray as a lightweight, flexible, in many cases as an ideal alternative to the traditional bridge and supplement. The traditional bridge used to support the main power cable, and the tray for two or three line or cable for intrinsically safe wiring. Application of regional tray on the offshore platforms are living area, machinery and power cabin space limited area, and similar to the semi submersible drilling platform of these weight have strict requirements of marine engineering products. The tray is applied in the field of width is less than 200mm, the market research analysis and comparison, the specifications of the tray tray is compared with the traditional advantages in terms of material price and manual installation cost on the whole.

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