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Wire Mesh Cable Tray Play The Role Of Protection Cable

The performance of the steel wire cable tray is good

The use of the bridge acts as a protective cable, and the role of the grid bridge is the same, the grid bridge for power, communication cable wiring is as an extension of the traditional bridge! And for the grid bridge you really understand? Look at how the grid bridge is better used in construction:

First, open the grid frame bridge so that all the cables are rooted to be able to control the quality of all wiring works in the future if the hair problems, but also quickly determine the cable and adopt the appropriate measures.

Second, durable, safe and strong. Grid frame is made of high-quality steel wire welding, light weight for the user to provide a strong bearing function. In addition to galvanized and hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, the bridge and accessories are also supplied with high quality, decontaminated 304L and 316L stainless steel grades, which are three to four times the life of the untreated stainless steel after salt spray test , Even in harsh environments can also ensure long durability.

Third, the open grid bridge from the arbitrary point of the outlet, can be very convenient and a variety of machinery and equipment convergence, and it is simple and sensitive, can be installed in the production equipment on the top, under, around, dosing equipment, air filters can easily The walk in a variety of instrument center, along the production line, assembly line equipment.

Fourth, the steel wire basket cable tray can be used for a variety of equipment methods, and does not require a variety of specially customized components such as bending, tee, four, and so on. These special parts can be used in the construction site selection of straight section of the cable tray using simple things (cut pliers) directly made to help users shorten the planning and equipment time. In addition, this new layout can also be very good control cable, the future protection and promotion time is also very simple