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The introduction of oxygen barrier-free flame retardant cable

Traditional ZRVV or ZRYJV is PVC sheathed flame retardant cable materials or insulation materials containing high halogen content of decabromo diphenyl ether or chlorinated paraffin as a fire retardant, rely on halogen-containing hydrogen halide formed after the thermal decomposition of materials to achieve the aim of flame retardant. Therefore, to improve the flame retardant grade must be a corresponding increase in cable cable insulation and sheath of halogen in dose. This will not only increase the cost of cable, is expensive, and when burning emits smoke and toxicity would increase dramatically.

Oxygen barrier-free flame retardant flame retardant cable cable was the first one. Fills a layer between insulation and outer sheath of the cable metal hydrate. It is a nontoxic, non-bromine, halogen white glue. When cables pass when the fire struck, it is soft does not melt the metal hydrate gradually convert non-combustible metal oxides and water (H20). And tightly wrapped in insulation layer, separates oxygen prevents insulation from heat burns. In addition, the precipitation of crystalline water, absorbs large amounts of latent heat of evaporation and reduces the outside temperature. When the outside temperature is below its ignition, (400-500), ignition cable went out of itself. Oxygen barrier-free flame retardant cables subjected to standard fire test up to class a standards.

Oxygen barrier is a common cable without changing the basic structure of flame retardant cable on the basis of an additional layer of oxygen barrier on multiple core cables or to replace the fiber fill. Oxygen barrier the thermal resistivity of the material size to ordinary multi-core cable fill the thermal resistivity of the material, outside diameter larger than ordinary cable and cable, and current-carrying capacity than cable. In comparison with ordinary cable, when transmitting the same current, power loss reduction. Therefore, the cable of the type applicable to low and medium voltage power cables and make it flame retardant class.

This type of cable is suitable buildings, subway stations and other public facilities, power transmission and distribution lines, laying in the air.