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The cable tray should pay attention to green environmental protection

The development of enterprises should keep pace with the times. Nowadays, the state emphasizes environmental protection. For the heavy industry, cable tray manufacturing industry and long-term stable development have to pay attention to green environmental protection.

Nowadays, the international cable tray manufacturing industry is speeding up the pace of adjustment. Localization, comprehensive service, quality globalization and intellectual property rights are the four major trends in the development of internationally advanced cable tray manufacturing enterprises. These four trends, for the domestic cable tray manufacturing enterprises, not only the future development direction, but also will bring great changes for themselves.

Customers are more inclined to use green products

With the rapid development of China's economy, the upgrading of power grids and upgrading of infrastructure will speed up the pace. The demand for wire and cable products is increasing. Meanwhile, the requirements for the environmental performance of cables will also improve. The plastics of wire and cable insulation and sheath are commonly known as cable materials, including rubber, plastic, nylon and many other varieties. Cable production enterprise is a wire and cable production enterprise for the user, as long as there is the demand for wire and cable bridge, there is a market for cable material. Therefore, from a period of time, green electric wire material has a broad market development prospect in our country. In the insulation and sheath materials of wire and cable, PVC is relatively cheap, with excellent mechanical properties and convenient processing. It has long been the most used material in wire and cable industry. With the development of society, more and more attention has been paid to environmental problems. Many countries have formulated various environmental protection policies, so people prefer to use green environmental cable material. Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable material is one of the most popular environmental protection cable materials.