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structure and route design of computer room, the general knowledge that can not be missed

The enemy, victorious. In the design, we must first fully understand the characteristics of integrated wiring data center:

Data center of computer room.jpg

 1. The number of information points in unit area

 2. extensibility

3. based on data transmission

4. optical fiber information points

5. based on the horizontal subsystem model

6. line laying method is special, which can adapt to the application features and equipment   characteristics of the computer room

7. can synthetically plan the unconventional wiring between some equipment

The system structure design of the integrated cabling of the machine room:

1. the layout and quantity of information points: the most ideal state is to identify the demand of device locations. On this basis, we consider a certain redundancy, taking into account the frequent changes and scalability of computer room equipment, and do not need to be done at one time. The redundancy is set to 10%-20%.

2. types of equipment: room wiring cabinet, mainly considering the server and frame tower server standard cabinet can be installed within the tower 2-4 servers, 12-24 servers (rack and wiring can not consider heat too full), but if the use of multilayer open frame, a rack can be installed around 12 Taiwan tower server. With development, the number of servers on a rack will increase.

3. room area: when the area of the machine room is small (200 square meters below), it is suggested that the horizontal wiring mode be adopted. When the area of the machine room is large, it is suggested that the level subsystem + trunk subsystem two level wiring is adopted. For example, set up a network head cabinet in each set of cabinet.

4. cable selection: in the current data center's data traffic, we usually use over five or six kinds of cables. For example, considering the anti-interference, safety and difficulty of construction, it is recommended that shielded cable should be used.

Routing design of integrated cabling system in machine room:

1. the metal material is recommended in the selection of pipes and grooves, because metal pipes and line grooves can be well grounded to reduce interference and improve the fire protection level of the machine room.

2. line slot arrangement around the equipment, can be arranged on the floor below, but considering the air conditioning effect, or with strong wire slot distinction and management and post wiring position on convenience, weakelectric bridge generally use the cabinet layout and selection of grid tray.

3. cable tray installation can be used at the top of the cabinet and fixed roof vertical hanging way, considering the vulnerability of the fiber, the fiber and copper are respectively distributed trough, such as strong  wire cable tray by walking on the way to the next line, suggestions for the strong, copper, fiber three layer frame layout from the cable tray. The distance between the strong and weak electric bridge frame is required according to the relevant specifications.

4. room within the normal maintenance work also needs to lay some information points, such as the existence of antistatic floor, can be in the cabinet floor following location 10 cm, or on the floor surface is arranged on the pop-up socket, but don't set in the room on the walkway, if there is no room overhead anti-static floor, can be arranged on the wall or ground chisel installation.