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Introduction of wire mesh cable tray

Application : apply to electric power, communication cable wiring.It is an extension of the traditional bridge

Material can be steel Q235B or Stainless steel 304/316/316L

Surface treatment : EG≥12um suit to indoors 

                                Hot-dip galvanization thickness≥60um

                                Stainless steel can acid washing and electropolishing 

                                 Powder coated can spray different colors depends on clients requirements .It can be widely used                                  data center solution , can be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Qiaobang wire mesh cable tray size :

Standard length is 3meters long 

Width can be 50mm-600mm

Height: 25mm/50mm/100mm/150mm

Diameter can choose from 3.5~6mm.


1、Improve the system upgrade and maintenance capabilities。

2、Can be used in the integrated wiring system, suitable for wiring cable tray 

3、Maintenance of cables and equipment is very fast and safe

4、Saved two times the high cost of investment.

5  Self weight is only 1/5. of traditional tray

6、Saves 2/3 installation time compared with traditional tray