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How to configuration wire mesh cable tray

Perhaps you have had such a painful experience: procuring a batch of  wire basket cable tray , leaving a lot of waste and wasting, or purchasing quantity is not enough at all, re-order is still not enough, and order. Waste freight, and delay the time of work, not worth the loss. Ideal is far from reality. Can't it be used as much as it is, is everything just right? Of course, it certainly can, we can do it. We are professional in the configuration of the basket cable tray .

Qiaobang  has 15years of wire mesh cable tray in this area, we have the ability to give you a satisfactory configuration, as long as you need, I will give you the configuration, and our configuration is just right, left no more or less can return. Today, let's explain the configuration of the basket cable tray.


1、 the specifications and quantity of the grid tray should be defined, and the common specifications have Height 50mm/100mm/150mm

2、What is the way to determine the installation of the wire mesh cable tray, whether it is hanged or the top of the cabinet .Support installation or static floor installation, or other.

3、Confirm the situation of the basket tray running. Generally, the drawings are the best. If not, the number of the right angle         elbow, the number of three passes, the number of four connections, the number of cabinets, the number of ramp up and          down, and other special cases can be counted.

4. wire fixer configuration: to confirm the outer diameter and quantity of the cable