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Comparison of Cablofil wire mesh cable & normal tray

Comparison of Cablofil wire mesh cable tray & normal tray

Cablofil cable tray enters the French market in 1972, which has a novel structure, welding precision design and high quality makes it ideal for laying cables, suitable for various occasions.

Compared with the common bridge, the Cablofil cable tray has unparalleled advantages.

1. Reliable mechanical bearing capacity. Each type of Cablofil tray is subjected to a strict European standard IEC61537 test, and a certification report can be provided. Correspondingly, each type of Cablofil   cable tray has mechanical bearing capacity distance map, which can provide accurate reference for designers. It is no longer the number of cables to be discharged according to experience, so as to avoid the collapse of bridge overloaded and cause danger to the following equipment.

2, the unique method of bending without screws, fast and beautiful compared to ordinary curved bridge,Cablofil bridge can provide the bending of arbitrary radian, do not need special, solid line device, according to the needs of the workers at the scene to deal with, you can save time to the beautiful and practical effect.

3, fast installation, save time. Cablofil bridge using patented rapid connection, no longer need to screw the screws, customers can save the installation time of 1/3.

4, professional dividing line board. The common bridge down line is simply torn off the cable, which makes it easy to cause the valuable data cable to break, especially the fiber. The Kabofi bridge has designed a professional distributing board. When the line is offline, it keeps the data line to a certain degree of arc, avoids over bending, protects the data line, and protects the investment and continuity of the customers.

5. Stratified structure. The original grid mode of the Cablofil bridge makes it easier to implement complex layered structure wiring, which is difficult to achieve by the common bridge. From this clear hierarchical wiring, the customer is more likely to manage the cable and make the room more professional and tidy.

6, protective cover plate. The Cablofil bridge has a special protective cover, which can prevent the collision of the cable and play the role of protecting the cable. Ordinary bridge can not achieve this function, usually we see a special cabinet door to protect the cable, which will increase investment and extend the time limit.

7, reliable and effective grounding. The national standard has a clear stipulation for the bridge grounding. Generally, the bridge is not grounded due to the bridge structure or other reasons, which makes the interference source easily interfere with the communication data line, resulting in unnecessary communication errors. The Cablofil bridge has a special grounding accessory, which is reliable and effective to ensure the quality of communication.

8, improve the system upgrade and maintain the ability of Cablofil bridge can realize arbitrary angle distortion, this feature makes it easier to expand and change, provides the advantages of ordinary bridge There is nothing comparable to this customer system upgrade and maintenance, and Cablofil bridge can be reused, to protect the customer's investment.

9, the cable system and the surrounding production environment are cleaner, hygienic and beautiful Cablofil bridge is light and flexible. The whole machine room looks cleaner, sanitary and beautiful, without the heavy pressure and suppression of the ordinary bridge, and the staff are more willing to stay in the machine room.

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