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Classification of cable tray

By slot type, tray or the cascade-style line, siphon, three-way, four-way components, and trailing arm (arm-bracket), hangers and other rigid structure with tight support cable system consisting of name (hereinafter referred to as the bridge)

Classification of cable tray

1, ladder type cable tray

CQ1-T-ladder-type cable bridges are based on relevant information and design improvements. It has a light weight, low cost, form, installation convenience, good heat dissipation, ventilation and so on. He applies to the big diameter of cable laying, suitable for high and low voltage power cable laying.

2, tray type cable tray

Tray-type cable bridges are petroleum, chemical industry, light industry and telecommunications, one of the most widely used. It has a light weight, load, architect

Cable Tray (20) view, the advantages of simple structure, easy to install. It shall apply to power cable installation, suitable for the control of the laying of cables.

3, trough cable tray

Trough-type cable bridge is a closed-type cable bridge. It is most applicable to the installation of computer cables, telecommunication cables, thermocouple cables and other sensitive system control cables. Its control cable shielding disturbance and severe corrosion in the cable protection has a good effect.

Cascade-style, tray, trough cable tray the respective advantages and disadvantages: cascade-style line tray has good ventilation, no dust, do not prevent interference. Trough-style, tray line bridge with dust-proof, anti-jamming capability.