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Cable trays installation is that

1, General provisions

1.1 in order to meet the design requirements for cable tray installation, prepared the interim provisions. State specific requirements to regulate cable trays installation, which is subject to state regulations.

1.2 cable tray for industrial and civil construction laying power cables, control cables, communication cables and control cables.

2, installation of the cable bridge

2.1 General layout of cable trays should be the shortest distance and economically reasonable, safe operation, and shall meet the construction, installation, maintenance and cabling requirements.

2.2 cable trays shall have sufficient rigidity and strength, cable provides reliable support.

2.3 after cable laying, cable bridge deflection should not exceed Cable Tray span 1/200. When the cable tray span ≥ 6000mm, the deflection should not exceed the electric cable bridge spans the 1/150.

2.4 cable bridge under construction as far as possible, structures (such as walls, columns, beams, floor, etc) installed on close coordination with the civil engineering.

2.5 total cable bridge and the tubular frame installation, cable trays shall be positioned on the pipe side.

2.6 when erection of cable bridge parallel to the pipeline, the net distance should meet the following requirements:

2.6.1 cable trays and process piping (such as a compressed air pipe) parallel set up no less than 400mm.