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3 main methods to install wire mesh cable tray

wire basket as a new kind of  cable tray  in China,  is more and more popular among customers. So what are the methods for the grid bridge installation? Next, listen to the little editor.

1, Hoisting: hoisting is to drag the mesh cable tray with one support, then the 2 end of the bracket is hung on the top of the wall with 2 screws.

wire mesh cable tray .jpg

2,Cabinet installation: the grid cable tray is the best choice for the cabling of the computer room. The general tray is installed above the cabinet, and the required accessories are 2 legs and one bracket. This installation is convenient and beautiful.

basket cable tray .jpg

3, Wall mounting: wall mounting usually uses a L bracket to support the bridge and then fix the bracket on the wall.

mesh cable tray.jpg

Of course, there are many installation methods for wire basket , and all kinds of accessories can be used flexibly.