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Steel wire Cable Tray

Hot-dip galvanized H150 wire cable tray

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Product Details

Technical Parameter :

Height :150mm series

Lenght: 3meters long of each tray .

Width: from 150mm to 600mm

Diameter: 4mm~6mm.

Mesh size:100*50mm

Surface :hot-dip galvanization ,thickness≥60um ,color is white.

2. Load capacity of Qiaobang's wire mesh cable tray

Several years ago ,our company do a test .Qiaobang 's top big five men stand on the cable tray ,each guys weight is more than 65kg Five guys =325kg .Even this ,the wire mesh tray still keep straight .We are so pround of it .If you choose qiaobang wire mesh cable tray ,We think you do the most right thing .


3. Hot-dip wire mesh cable tray used in power station

A power station is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. electric power is important to our life and human development . many regions have opened up the generation and distribution of electric power to provide a more competitive electricity market. While such markets can be abusively manipulated with consequent adverse price and reliability impact to consumers, generally competitive production of electrical energy leads to worthwhile improvements in efficiency.

We are very proud that Qiaobang’s wire mesh cable tray used widely in in the solution of power station ,not only with competitive price ,but makes it easier and more convenient . Good heat dissipation is helpful in power station .

Story :

About the hot-dip galvanized wire mesh tray ,here is story about it .For Qiaobang ,we always put qulity as the first important thing ,In China ,our price belongs to misdest level . One of our clients from Europe complain about this and finally he found a supplier in India .But after ones years time .He come back to us again .As he said ,qulity issue about produce in india draw him crazy .He wanna to cooperate with us again .From this story ,I want to tell potential clients that ,even our price is not as cheap as others ,but our qulity is the best .

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