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Cable Management Wire Basket Tray

Wire Cable Basket Tray and Mesh Wire Basket used extensively for supporting cables, particularly Data Cables, and is an alternative to Cable Tray. Cable Basket Tray is a strong yet flexible solution to meet the demands of the power, data and systems cabling being installed in modern buildings.

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Product Details

We offer a number of suppliers Wire Cable Basket Tray and Mesh Wire Basket Tray . We offer light, heavy and extra heavy products to meet the system load requirements.  Bends and risers are not needed so through the use of simple cut-out patterns, the straights can be transformed in to a wide number of bends and rises meeting the angles and distance you require, using a range of ‘slot and tab’ fixings.  Open design allows maximum ventilation to enable cooler running of cables. 

Light duty wire mesh cable tray.jpgMedium duty cable basket.jpgHeavy duty cable basket.jpg

  Light duty                                       Medium duty                                                Heavy duty 

Size description :


Depth:2, 4, and 6 in (50, 100, 150 mm)

Length:10 ft (3m)

Inside Width:2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, and 24 in

For other widths please contact office.

Materials:T-welded steel wire, mill galvanized. Other materials available by request.

Construction:2 x 2 Grid provides support for cables every 2 in, instead of every 4" like other mesh trays on the market.

Advantages :


Wire basket is the most economic type of tray. There are no special fittings to order, as the mesh itself can be cut and formed to suit any angle or offset you require. The system is lightweight and is quick to install.

wire mesh cable tray.jpg

Safety First


Basket tray features a high strength steel wire welded into a 2" x 2" grid system. The short grid spacing allows you to install small diameter cables without any sagging. Smooth edge eliminates any sharp corners that could injure your installers or damage cables.

basket cable tray.jpg

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