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Cable Basket Tray Accessories

Our easy-to-install wire mesh cable tray systems cleanly and efficiently route and manage copper data cables, fiber optic network cables, and power cables within data centers, connected buildings, and industrial automation applications. Innovative features provide quick, safe, and easy assembly for reduced installation costs and faster deployment.

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Product Details

THE FIRST NAME IN WIRE CABLE TRAY Over 35 years ago, QIAOBANG brought the concept of wire cable tray and introduced it to the Asia market. The company’s continued success is the result of on-going innovation and the ability of wire cable tray to adapt to any application. Since then Qiaobang has become a leader in cable management around the world with more than 94,000 miles of tray installed globally. Today the company is continuing to develop new labor-saving products and installation techniques that are changing the way cables are supported in every aspect of the global electrical market.

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Benefits of Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Tray

 Fast, Simple Installation

With very few accessories and no custom fittings to order, installation is quick and easy. An offset jaw bolt cutter, wrench, and a "smart" connector is all you need!

Quick Delivery

Qiaobang wire mesh/basket cable management system is available for quick delivery from our stock. We are eager and able to respond to our quick demands for wire mesh cable tray.

Smart Tab System - Boltless Connection Made Easy

The fastest and simplest way to support, splice and connect Wire Mesh Cable Tray. No

more fumbling with hardware and multiple tools to install splice connections or supports. All you need is an open end wrench or a straight blade screwdriver.

Strength In Numbers

It's easy to see our unique 2" x 2" grid wire basket system offers twice the support of 2" x 4" systems. providing a strong and safe support of your sensitive Telecom/Data and fiber optic cables. More wire means a stronger and more robust wire mesh cable tray.

Safety "T-Weld" Design

Our safety "T-Weld" edge design eliminates sharp edges, which prevents fraying and damage to cables, as well as protecting the installers from sharp wire ends. Most of the competitions wire mesh does not offer this advantage.

Field Flexible

Since there are no custom fittings to order, our wire basket tray is easily manipulated. With a few simple tools you can easily create any bend, drop, or intersection to maneuver around obstacles in the field.

Lightweight Design

Our lightweight yet strong design allows for ease of installation - one person can do it. This design also allows for less parts to suspend the system and this translates into a cost savings and time savings!

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Changes of level and direction:

Put supports in place before there is any deflection of the cable tray route. It is recommended to place supports at the start and end of 90° bends. A support must be positioned in the middle of large-radius bends

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