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50X50 Straight Wire Cable Tray

50X50 Straight Wire Cable Tray

Model: 50 * 50

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Product Details

Model:50 * 50 wire mesh cable tray 

steelQ235B / stainless steel 304/316 / 316L 

Surface treatment :
For steel : there is two kind of finishing ,one is galvanization ≥12um,another is hot-dip galvanization ≥60um. 
Electropolishing and acid washing for stainless steel surface treatment.
Powder coat is also for steel .

All the below size on inner diameter.
Depth: 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm & 150mm or customer specified.
Width: 50-900mm.
Length: 1 m~ 3 m 
Diameter: 3.8 ~ 6.0mm.


Wire mesh cable tray is mainly used in electric power, communications cabling and Data center solutions.


1、We need draw the wire straight and cut it

2、Putting wires in the tool and welding them

3、Trim extra head

4、Welding accessories

4、Bending the wires 

5、Galvanized the formed tray 

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