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150X500 Wave Wire Cable Tray

150X500 Wave Wire Cable Tray

Model:150 * 500Materials:Q235B steel / 304/316 stainless steel / 316L stainless steelSurface:Galvanized - zinc coating thickness 10um or more, suitable for indoor use.Hot-dip galvanizing - zinc coating thicknes

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With professional and productive factory, Changzhou Qiaobang Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China 150x500 wave wire cable tray manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.

Model:150 * 500 wire mesh cable tray 

Length :3000MM/2000MM/1500MM


Height :150MM

Diameter: 5MM/6MM/7MM

Surface treatment : EG/Hot-dip galvanization/powder-spray for steel Q235b ,electropolishing and remove black for Stainless steel 

Advantages of hot- dip galvanizing wire mesh cable tray ?

1、durability: in the suburban environment, the standard hot-dip galvanizing anti rust thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years without repairing. In the urban or offshore areas, the standard hot-dip galvanized antirust coating can be maintained for 20 years without having to be repaired.

2, the reliability is good: the galvanized layer and the steel are metallurgical combination, become a part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable.

3, the toughness of the coating is strong: the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure, which can withstand mechanical damage when it is transported and used.

4, comprehensive protection: every part of the plating piece can be plated with zinc, even in the sunken, the sharp corner and the hiding place can be fully protected.

5, simple test: non destructive test of hot dip galvanized coating thickness surface layer can be visual and simple;

6, reliability: in accordance with the specifications for BS EN hot dip galvanized ISO 1461 implementation, the lowest limit of zinc layer thickness, so the antirust period and the performance is reliable and predictable


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