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150X400 Wave Wire Cable Tray

150X400 Wave Wire Cable Tray

Model:150 * 400Materials:Q235B steel / 304/316 stainless steel / 316L stainless steelSurface:Galvanized - zinc coating thickness 10um or more, suitable for indoor use.Hot-dip galvanizing - zinc coating thicknes

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Product Details

Description of basket cable tray:

Model:150 * 400mm

Size description : 3000*400*150mm

Q235B steel / 304/316 stainless steel / 316L stainless steel
Galvanized / Hot-dip galvanizing /Electropolishing/Spray plastic
How to identify size of all wire mesh cable tray :
All the below size on inner diameter.
Depth: 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm & 150mm or customer specified.
Width: 50~900mm.
Length: 1 m~3 m 
Wire diameters: 3.8 ~ 6.0mm.

Process steps of wire mesh cable tray :

1.Prepare the mateirals 

2. Straight the wires and cut to certain lengght we need .

3. Welding. The rebar we have cut into the tooling grinding tools of the model we need for welding

4. Cut the extra heads. 

5. Bending. According to the height we need, bend them .

6. Do surface treatment, galvanize, hot-dip galvanized or spray in accordance with our requirements.

7.Packing them .

8.Loading container 

Production process.jpg

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