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150X250 Wave Wire Cable Tray

150X250 Wave Wire Cable Tray

Model:150 * 250Materials:Q235B steel / 304/316 stainless steel / 316L stainless steelSurface:Galvanized - zinc coating thickness 10um or more, suitable for indoor use.Hot-dip galvanizing - zinc coating thicknes

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With professional and productive factory, Changzhou Qiaobang Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China 150x250 wave wire cable tray manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.

Model:150 * 250

Q235B steel / 304/316 stainless steel / 316L stainless steel

Dimensions :

Length : 3000mm long ( also can be 2000mm long ,1500 long )

Width: 250mm

Height :150mm

Diameter :4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm
Surface treatment :
Galvanized - zinc coating thickness12um or more, suitable for indoor use.
Hot-dip galvanizing - zinc coating thickness 60um or more, suitable for outdoor use.
Electropolishing - for stainless steel surface treatment.
Powder spray- for applications that require color of the occasion.

3 ways to install wire mesh cable tray :

1、Installation on ceiling:Using wire rod ceiling installation is the most common installation method in the layout of the domestic computer room; there are single story installation, double layer strong and weak electrical installation, three layers of strong and weak electric plus optical fiber jumper installation, etc. the design of the plan can better reflect the rationality and practicality of the layout.

wire mesh cable tray .JPG

2、Cabinet support: wire mesh cable tray cabinet support scheme, more suitable for the top installation more difficult, not easy to rid the environment; easy to install; the precondition is to project the cabinet advanced field, the subsequent cabinet can not be arbitrary mobile;

wire mesh cable tray .JPG

3、Aluminum Alloy support: cabinet support scheme now in room construction in the use of more conventional height is 120mm, support 170mm, can also be customized according to the height of the room environment; using a special cabinet bracket can be used Aluminum Alloy; can also support more flexible, the self cutting, more highly flexible.

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